Hands of the Healer (MERP ICE #2026)

By Mark R. Feil

"Once extra Aragorn bruised leaves of athelas and solid them into the steaming water; and he laved her forehead with it, and her correct arm mendacity chilly and nerveless at the coverlet. Then, no matter if Aragorn had certainly a few forgotten strength of Westernesse, or no matter if it was once yet his phrases of the girl Éowyn that wrought them, because the candy effect of the herb stole in regards to the chamber it looked as if it would those that stood via prepared wind blew in the course of the window, and it bore no smell, yet was once an air entirely clean and fresh and younger, as though it had now not been breathed via any residing factor and got here new-made from snowy mountains excessive underneath a dome of stars, or from seashores of silver far-off washed via seas of froth. 'Awake, Éowyn, woman of Rohan!' acknowledged Aragorn back, and he took her correct hand in his and felt it hot with existence returning." - The go back of the King

The therapeutic course is without doubt one of the so much respected callings individual may perhaps aspire to in Middle-earth; it's also essentially the most valued professions between adventurers - women and men who face possibility and the possibility of damage each day in their lives.

Hands of the Healer fleshes out a type of professions frequently selected via myth players, no matter if as characters to be performed or NPCs to be searched for their crucial companies. both priceless to either gamers and gamemasters, this tome offers nearly every thing it is easy to in all probability need to know approximately Middle-earth's healers and their craft.

Hand of the Healer features:

- fifty six personality improvement programs - guidance for growing MERP healers (including conversions for the Rolemaster usual process) from over forty designated cultures. you can now tackle the position of a Northman shaman, a Black Númenórean necromantic priest, an Easterling Night-warder, or a Southron court docket health practitioner - every one with precise abilities and therapeutic magic!
- NEW clinical talents - With the four new MERP/RMSS abilities of Physic, surgical procedure, Apothecary and Midwifery, you'll have the ability to confront any kind of damage or disease on your experience campaign.
- STATIC MANEUVER desk - numerous of the recent talents and therapeutic powers defined during this publication are followed by means of tables for MERP and RMSS, for you to immediately ensure maneuver effects despite which video game process you're using.
- 296 HERBS, CURATIVES AND POISONS - the most important compendium of medicinals and poisons ever assembled for a myth position taking part in video game, this exhaustive encyclopedia is the last word reference software for herbs and different healing components, corresponding to athelas, miruvor or lembas. The compendium references each therapeutic herb or poison that has ever seemed within the Middle-earth sequence thus far, together with sixty seven completely new entries. All are listed in accordance with atmosphere (mountains, forests, deserts, etc.), therapeutic class (life renovation, actual enhancement, floor fix, etc.) and exchange names (Westron, Elvish, etc.).
- MECCG situations - try out your therapeutic hand with "The homes of Healing" and "Ioreth's Escort," new situations to be used with ICE's Middle-earth Collectible Card video game. contains a dozen new MECCG websites for informal play.

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Starships of the Galaxy (Star Wars Roleplaying Game)

By Owen K.C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson

"She'll make the Kessel run in 5 parsecs!"

This ideas complement includes complex starship wrestle ideas for the Star Wars Roleplaying video game Saga Edition. additionally, it presents new personality strategies for spacefaring heroes in addition to descriptions, deckplans, and statistics for starships from all eras (as featured in all six celebrity Wars movies and the extended Universe). This deluxe, full-color online game complement additionally comprises ideas and directions for construction your individual starships.

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GURPS Alternate Earths

By Ken Hite

Guidebook to making and taking part in in a single of six parallel Earths. contains maps, histories, personality forms and every little thing you would like for another Earth campaign.

GURPS trade Earths can be made to reserve for a size hopping crusade reminiscent of GURPS Time go back and forth, yet i feel it additionally provides players a chance to determine how our personal global "might have been" if only one occasion in background was once replaced. And it presents possibilities to set complete adventures, or even complete campaigns in these worlds.
The six diverse "Earths" during this publication are virtually textbook examples of the now well known "What If" line of SF tales. the 1st international, "Dixie", provides us a good suggestion as to what may have occurred if the South had received the yankee Civil warfare. It covers the time from secession to the time while the accomplice States of the USA turned a superpower. the second one global, "Reich 5" supply us a chilling examine the area below Nazi rule and the resistance attempt nonetheless below method years later. The 3rd international "Rome Aeterna", assumes the Roman empire by no means fell. The fourth global, "Shikaku-Mon", assumes the traditional jap Empire conquered the realm. The 5th global, "Ezcalli", has information for an odd Earth the place the could of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans is unsurpassed. The 6th and ultimate international is the strangest of all. "Gernsback" starts off with an easy postulation: what if Nikolai Tesla's innovations labored and have been utilized by an individual with the monetary genius of Morgan? Flying vehicles and broadcast energy are common.

There are rules for adventures, characters, or even entire campaigns for every of the worlds, together with a number of paragraphs approximately even stranger worlds that diverged from those six. those "reality seeds" supply inventive GM's much more exchange worlds to explore.

People wishing to exploit books like Harry Turtledove's brilliant trade earths books want glance no additional for concepts of the way to recreate his books for an odd parallel global crusade. hugely advised for GURPS GM's and urged even to SF enthusiasts eager to discover the ramifications of what may possibly ensue if...

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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Shattered Star Part 2 - Curse of the Lady's Light

By Mike Shel

  • Varisia's most recent heroes have stumbled throughout a strong relic from the traditional empire of Thassilon — but the artifact has been sundered into seven fragments. The 3rd of those fragments lies within the swampy Mushfens south of the town of Magnimar, hidden inside of an old, towering lighthouse referred to as the Lady's gentle. With squabbling boggards, troglodytes, and different swamp monsters living within the quarter round the gentle, imminent the ruins would require both stealth or bravado. however the threats posed via slimy and scaly humanoids pales compared to the exiled grey Maidens who've claimed the internal of the sunshine as their new headquarters — or to the sinister curse that afflicts the strong, historic caretaker of the ruin.
  • Continuing the Shattered superstar experience Path, Curse of the Lady's Light is a Pathfinder Roleplaying video game adventure for 4th-level characters. This quantity deals extra info at the Mushfens swamps of Varisia and an intensive research of the grey Maidens. New monsters fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, whereas invoice Ward's Pathfinder magazine fiction explores the seedy underbelly of the scoundrel haven of Riddleport!

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Citadel of Skulls (Rogue Trader Adventure - WarpStorm Part 2)

By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker, Gregory Koteles

At the hunt to find the reason for vanishing settlements and elevated xenos sightings, you and your fellow Explorers are thrust on a dangerous trip. an outstanding beast has woke up from past the sides of the Koronus Expanse, hungering to satisfy its darkish goal. ahead of you and your fellow Explorers can try to search it out and finally break it, you need to discover what and the place it's. discovering the answer's a virtually most unlikely venture, pitting you opposed to an notorious pirate lord blessed by way of Chaos.

Citadel of Skulls, the second one experience within the Warpstorm Triology for Rogue dealer, could be performed as a standalone event or attached to the occasions brought within the Frozen Reaches. organize to try the last word heist: stealing a worthwhile artefact from the vault of Karrad Vall. No sane individual has ever risked getting into the Faceless Lorda??s internal sanctum, not to mention stealing from him...until you.

Plot your path via Valla??s darkish cathedral, previous quivering slaves and brutal enemies, bloody chambers, and the ossuaries choked with bones that supply the fort its identify. And when you achieve the Casket of secrets and techniques youa??ll meet a??the Archivist.a??

An epic event of exploration, strive against, and acquisition of wealth, fortress of Skulls could be a suspenseful and exciting trip. Will you be capable to stand up to the voyage?

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Victorian Lost (Changeling: the Lost)

By Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead, Joseph D. Carriker Jr., Andrew Peregrine

Victorian misplaced: A Maze of Smoke and Hedge is a old atmosphere for Changeling: The misplaced. This publication includes details at the overdue Victorian period, together with either genuine heritage and fanciful imaginings of this time. You'll locate discussions of the sometimes violent tensions among the wealthy and the hundreds of the bad who labored of their factories and houses. This ebook additionally examines the competing visions of rural and concrete lifestyles. a few observed the nation-state as natural and towns as corrupt, whereas others seen rural components as ignorant and backwards, and towns as facilities of development and invention.

This publication includes:

• atmosphere fabric and participant and Storyteller suggestion for operating Changeling video games within the overdue Victorian Era.
• New and up-to-date agreement clauses, in addition to new kiths.
• a brief serial on your chronicle, in addition to a pre-generated Victorian motley: the again Stairs Mob.

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Promethean: the Created

By Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Oscar Garza, Chris McDonough, Mike

I do know that glance of disgust on your eyes.
You can't conceal it from me.

I've visible all its expressions in lots of faces like your own.
I am in detail acquainted with rejection.
Yes, those scars and stitched wounds are scary to behold.
Were i actually alive, they'd be adequate to kill me.

But it's not that i am alive.
Not yet.

Not within the manner you recognize it.
A hearth burns inside me and animates this lifeless flesh,
these legs that experience wandered the some distance areas of the Earth,
these palms that experience killed men.

And I stroll with a purpose.
You won't stand in my way.
These arms have killed men.

A Storytelling video game of Stolen Lives

Prometheans are soulless corpses lively through a mysterious, alchemical strength, the Divine fireplace stolen from the gods. Their hideousness forces people, animals, or even nature itself to reject them on an instinctual point. They wander the darkish areas of the area, looking what their creators denied them: humanity.

A New online game set on this planet of Darkness

A complete new kind of personality for gamers, encouraged via the vintage Frankenstein monster and the global myths of Golems

Explores features of the area of Darkness unknown to the opposite online game lines

Strange new antagonists and mysteries to resolve for avid gamers of any international of Darkness video game

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Turjan’s Tome of Beauty & Horror (Dying Earth RPG)

By Robin D. Laws, Ian Thomson

If you're extra drawn to darkish fable than funny escapades, or accumulating the final a hundred Spells instead of conning a stall holder of his terces, then this can be the tome for you.

The first quantity of Jack Vance’s death Earth has a really diverse tone to the later books. It has components of horror, robust sorcery, or even actual heroics. This supplementations enables you to roleplay those puissant magicians, questers and pushed heroes.

  • Gain innovations for Magician characters, and get recommendation on enjoying Turjan-level campaigns…
  • Encompass new, esoteric spells, scribbled via madmen and fraught with threat of their use…
  • Face untold peril as you keep on with event hooks set at the demise Earth and beyond…
  • Uncover arcane goods from the ruins, or guarded via otherworld beings…
  • Gain new powers (Tweaks) equivalent to “Occult Horrors too a number of to Detail”…
  • Discover contacts and strength enemies of cruelty and renown…
  • Create Vat creatures as retainers, bodyguards or perhaps companions.
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    Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying; Character Law

    By Coleman Charlton, John W. Curtis III, Peter C. Fenlon Jr., Erik Dewey

    Rolemaster fable Roleplaying is a truly versatile and complete RPG-system from Iron Crown firms: http://ironcrown.com
    This torrent includes Spell legislation; personality Law
    From the web site:
    Character legislation expands the RMFRP personality improvement procedure by means of delivering a wealth of recent concepts and choices:

    11 extra Races & Cultures
    11 extra Professions
    21 extra education Packages
    5 extra ability different types & Dozens of extra Skills
    A entire, unique procedure for utilizing heritage suggestions to figure out your character’s skills, flaws, prestige, wealth, and beginning goods.

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    Numenera Character Options

    By Robert J. Schwalb, Monte Cook, Shanna Germain

    The personality Your Envision

    Every participant desires to play precisely the personality they envision. And Numenera personality strategies is right here to assist make that attainable! This booklet is brimming with new fabric and new offerings to assist make Numenera personality construction much more enjoyable, extra fascinating, and extra weird.

    Numenera personality concepts includes:

  • More than forty new skills for every personality variety. New combating strikes for glaives, esoteries for nanos, and tips of the alternate for jacks.
  • More than forty new descriptors, together with location-based descriptors to tie your personality to the surroundings of the 9th global, or even “negative” descriptors like Craven, merciless, and Doomed.
  • Dozens of recent foci, equivalent to Battles Automatons, Masters bugs, strikes Like a Cat, by no means Says Die, and Travels via Time.
  • New mutations for mutant characters.
  • Four new racial descriptors (including a brand new visitant style) for gamers who really need to play anything weird.
  • New suggestions for development past the 6th tier.
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